Monday, March 28, 2011

The Good Importers

When I pick up a case of vino for friends, I tell them that they should pay attention to who the importers are. Their names are usually found on the back label of a wine. I am a big fan of the small, high quality importers whose wines will be featured on this blog. Like Michael Skurnick and Daniel Johnnes who import the petit chapeau, there are many others. If you get to know the good importers, it will be easier to pick out quality wines on a regular basis as their portfolios are excellent from top to bottom. Some of the importers you will see featured in future posts include: David Bowler, Maximum Wine Co., Neil Empson, Frederick Wildman, Fleet Street, Christopher Caanan/Europvin, Louis/Dressner, Vias, Montecastelli, Winebow, Leonardo LoCasio, Vin Divino, Polaner Selections, Eric Solomon/European Cellars, Tempranillo, Jorge Ordonez and many others.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

petit chapeau '09

This fantastic red Cotes du Rhone is imported by Michael Skurnick for Daniel Johnnes Selections. Daniel Johnnes is one of the top sommeliers in the U.S. and he has a great portfolio of wines. In addition, the '09 vintage appears to be a great one in southern France. I'm a big fan of these wines in general and this one (a private label project of Mr. Johnnes) exhibits all that I love about them. Cotes du Rhones are blends comprised of several varietals and for me, the best ones are based on the Grenache grape. The '09 Petit Chapeau gives me a good dose of Grenache pepperiness, wonderful fruit and a touch of earth. It retails at my local store for $9.99. Cheers.