Sunday, June 5, 2011

Selbach Riesling 2007 - So Underrated

I am really starting to love and understand German Rieslings - some of the most underrated wines around. I know most of you shy away from sweet wines but you may want to give some of these beauties a try. First of all, most are just slightly sweet and that sweetness is offset by vibrant acidity that leaves them tasting almost dry. Secondly, for those of you who don't drink as much as I do, you can simply put the cork back in these wines and drink the rest up to a week later. Their staying power is amazing! They are low in alcohol, usually in the 8 - 11% range and they pair very well with sushi and and spicy Asian food of any variety. They also make great aperitifs. The $9.99 Selbach I enjoyed recently is a case in point. It's very aromatic with apple and apricot scents underpinned by a stoniness that is very common to German Riesling. In the mouth, it's generous, sweet mid-palate is offset by zingy acidity and minerals. It finishes long with a note of honey. This is a really impressive wine for the price. Imported by Michael Skurnick for the broker Terry Theise, this is a portfolio wine lovers should seek out. When you see Terry Theise's name on the back label of German wine, you can be sure it's a good one. Rudi Wiest is another broker of German wines whose portfolio is outstanding.

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