Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crios de Susana Balbo Malbec '09 - Balanced and Beautiful

It's been awhile since I've posted as I was in Wisconsin for a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fund-raising century bike ride. I had a great time but it's good to get back to the east coast where the wine choices are much wider. I've already written up the Crios Torrontes. It's one of the most interesting whites I've had this year and the red wine brother of that wine is the Crios Malbec. Argentinian Malbecs continue to impress me and the Crios is one of the best everyday examples I've had. It leads with complex aromas of chocolatey cherry, licorice and a distinct earthy note. In the mouth it's quite flavorful with fairly large-scaled dark fruit flavors and a long spicy, lightly tannic finish. This is a very nicely balanced wine that comes in at a very moderate 13.9% alcohol. When new world reds start creeping up into that 14.8 or 15% range I start to lose interest. For me, wines that are that high in alcohol can taste over-ripe, raisiny and hot on the back end. Plus, you can end up being kind of blotto by the time you are done with dinner. A great value, this beauty cost me $12.99. Cheers.

Our garden has been yielding a very nice bounty thanks to Janet - and she made us a wonderful meal. We enjoyed the Crios Malbec with sauteed chicken thighs with spicy cherry peppers and escarole (from the garden), a fantastic heirloom tomato (from the garden) salad with feta, olives and basil and zucchini with toasted almonds and parmesan. . The Crios went very well with the spicy chicken. Yum.

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