Sunday, October 14, 2012

It May be October But I'm Still Loving Roses - Enanzo Rosado 2011

When we decided to pour a French rose at Nomad Pizza in Philly this summer, we turned to a great little wine from an oddball DOC in the Loire Valley called Coteaux D'Ancenis, from Domaine Pierre Guindon. We weren't sure that it would go - I mean Rose with pizza? - but the response was good enough that we decided to keep a rose on the list for fall. This time however we went with a Spanish version of those great pink wines that many think are sweet, but are actually dry.

There's a big difference between the aforementioned cool climate Loire Valley Rose made from Gamay and the much warmer climate Grenache Rose from the Navarra region of northern Spain. The Gamay is lighter in color and more subtle of flavor than the Enanzo - more complex for sure. But the Enanzo has more color and bolder fruit in the mouth. It's bigger in every way and that's something many wine drinkers can relate to. Size matters for some and when it comes to pizza, bolder roses may indeed be a better fit. There's prominent aromas of strawberry and watermelon with distinct floral elements. In the mouth, the red berry flavors are bold and full bodied with a honeyed creaminess on the back end. And, the best part about this beauty is that here in Jersey it can be had for a miserly $8.99. Imported by C&P Wines, you should definitely seek this crowd pleasing rose out. Cheers.

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