Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving & Pinot Noir - The Pinot Project 2011

I pulled a couple of shifts at my local store last weekend helping folks find their way around while dispensing advice (when asked for of course), and much has been written about what wines to pair with your turkey and stuffing. In truth you could go lots of different ways. But what impressed me the most was that the vast majority of people shopping for Thanksgiving asked for Pinot Noir. It makes perfect sense of course that a lighter style red would fit the bill nicely and Pinot has been steadily climbing in popularity. Of course other light reds came to mind like Beaujolais or even some Chiantis, but California Pinot Noir has what most consumers want - ripe sweet fruit and soft tannins.

Today's post features one of the best entry level Pinot Noir's I have ever had. Some Pinots cross the too ripe and too sweet line for me. Evereyday Pinot Noir should be translucent in color and oriented toward fresh light red berry flavors and no raisiny elements in the aromas. The Pinot Project, despite it's somewhat industrial sounding name, is a Pinot that will please just about everyone - and for only $10.99. This private label project of importer Michael Skurnick has the goods. Prominent aromas of smoky black cherry, raspberry and spice with fairly bold cherryish flavors and excellent balancing acidity that keeps this wine lively. This wine will definitely enhance your Thanksgiving feast, especially if you have a crowd. Cheers.

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