Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spain - values out da wazoo!!

Spain is hands down my go to country for value, especially the portfolio of Jorge Ordonez which is imported by Tempranillo. In my experience, there are more great wines for everyday drinking from Spain than from anywhere else in the world right now. I'm talkin' wines as cheap as $6.99 on up to a whopping $9.99 in both white and red. The other great thing about Spanish wines is that they kind of bridge the gap between the old world and the new world. Because it's hot over there, the Spanish wines can feature new wordly style fruitiness while at the same time giving you some of that old world complexity and terroir - a win-win situation for consumers. Last night's wine was a perfect case in point. We enjoyed a tasty '09 tempranillo (the grape) from Venta Morales that was made from 100% organic grapes. It had beautiful fruit, a touch of spice and a lightly tannic spine to give it shape - all for a whopping $8.99. Oh and by the way, the non-organic tempranillo from Venta Morales (orange label) is also fantastic and retails for around $6.99.  Sick!

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