Monday, May 16, 2011

A Spanish Dynamic Duo

Here's 2 great values from my go to country, Spain. The white, called Ermita de Nieve, is a 100% verdejo cuvee. Verdejo is a grape that has been grown in Spain for centuries but has only been used to make the aromatic, crisp light whites we see a lot of now for the past few decades. This wine is from Rueda, a Demoninacion de Origen located in Spain's northwest. Rueda whites must contain at least 50% of this varietal. Verdejo's aromas and flavors at times remind me of sauvignon blanc and the Erimta de Nieve certainly fits in that regard. It features sauvignon blanc-like grass and grapefruit on the nose and bright, crisp citrus and melon flavors in the mouth. It finishes quite smooth and is perfect for summer sipping on the deck. It'll set you back a very affordable $9.99. The red here is a $7.99 bargain called Luzon Verde. It is a 100% Monastrell cuvee made entirely from organically grown grapes in the Jumilla DO. Monastrell is an indigenous Spanish varietal that is also widely planted in southern France, where it is called Mouverdre. The Luzon Verde has a big spicy nose of blackberry and dark cherries and has sweet, medium-bodied dark berry flavors in the mouth. It finishes long and smooth with a touch of tannic firmness. This is an absolutely great value. Both of these wines are from the '09 vintage but I find that I really don't have to pay too much attention to vintage when it comes to Spanish wines. They really do not have very many bad vintages. Enjoy.

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