Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tratturi Primitvo '09

Experts used to think that the Italian varietal primitivo was the genetic ancestor of our American zinfandel. Although DNA testing has since proven that false (they are both related to a Croatian varietal named crljenak kaštelanski - don't ask me how to pronounce that), the taste similarities between the 2 grapes remains. Primitivo is grown primarily in Puglia and this one is from Salento, the southeastern most tip of Puglia. Being from a hot climate, primitivos can be quite large-scaled and alcoholic. This wonderful $7.99 bargain from Tratturi however, manages to avoid that monolithic profile. It shows bright cherry fruit and a touch of pepper (ala zinfandel) on the nose and is quite balanced and medium-bodied with good fruit and a finishing note of minerals. This delicious wine paired nicely with some venison burgers and is another winner from star importer Polaner Selections. Drink it up!!

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