Saturday, September 17, 2011

Buccia Nera "Donna Patrizia" Toscana Bianco '09

I know what you're thinking..."what the heck is a Toscana Bianco?" Okay, it's from Tuscany, but wines like this have a very generic sound to them. We all like to know what grapes have gone into the wine we are drinking. Often the varietal(s) are listed in small print on the back label, but how many folks know that? When they don't see it on the front, they move on. But hey, since I've touted the portfolios of certain importers a lot, the readers of this blog should be checking out the back label anyway. Then, when you see that a wine like the Donna Patrizia is from a reputable importer like the Maximum Wine Co., you should not be afraid to check out a $9.99 value like this. And when you do, you will love this wine. This beauty is an indigenous 3 grape blend comprised of 40% Malvasia, 40% Trebbiano and 20% Grechetto. It features soaring, exotic aromas of pink grapefruit, white flowers and a nutty nuance. It's flavors and textures are bolder than you expect at this price point, and put forth citrus, pear and mineral flavors that keep on coming. It finishes long with bright, balancing acidity. It is produced with organically grown grapes and is fermented entirely in stainless steel. This should pair nicely with lighter fish dishes or a simple grilled chicken. The Donna Patrizia is the sister wine of Buccia Nera's wonderful Guarniente Chianti, which I wrote up in April. Cheers.

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