Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dehesa Gago "Little g" 2010

   One of the first great everyday Spanish wines I ever encountered on my wine journey was the Dehesa Gago "Little g", produced by the Telmo Rodriguez Estate in the Toro DO of Northwest Spain. It's a wine I've ignored over the last few years as new wines have popped up on a very regular basis. I'm happy to say that I am ignoring it no longer as this is an absolutely delicious bottle, featuring bold up-front fruit and a very generous mid-palate. The grape here is Tempranillo, known locally as Tinto de Toro. It's got all the goodies...big aromas of roasted fruit and dark berries like blueberry and blackberry along with notes of coffee and cola. The flavors are just as big and mouth filling but what I love is that it is also balanced with enough acidity to give it lift. This beauty finishes long with slightly dusty tannins and a leathery note. There's a lot of wine out there that costs more but isn't nearly good as this $12.99 gem. Imported by newcomer Vintus, this is a bottling to seek out. Cheers.

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