Saturday, October 22, 2011

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese '09

Here's a lovely Sangiovese, the grape of Chianti, from a very good producer in an area not usually associated with this varietal. Di Majo Norante is located in Molise and is every bit a modernist producer in terms of their packaging and their marketing. Yet they still take as traditionalist an approach as possible in the vineyards. Sangiovese from southern Italian climes such as this makes very different wines than it does in Tuscany. No it does not have the delicacy or complexity of a good Chianti, but this version is a perfectly good every day wine, a perfect fit for a Wednesday night pasta or a grilled chicken panini....and it cost me a mere $8.99. This version is darker and riper than the Tuscan versions, with more blackberry rather than cherry and leather notes rather than floral notes. It's very soft, round and up front fruity and is another winner from Winebow, an importer whose portfolio you should seek out. Cheers.

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