Monday, October 31, 2011

No Power, No Water Get Out the Corkscrew Pt. 2 - Ch. Helene Corbieres

Climate Change who? I'm getting tired of this people. Another freak storm, another 48 hrs. without juice. You can't tell me there isn't weird stuff going on, I live it. And the guys who work for our power company, they're wondering too. Time to spring for that badass generator putting out 10,000 watts or so. Anyway, enough whining, let's talk the good wine. Tonight's power restoration celebratory bottle was a 2009 Corbieres from Chateau Helene, courtesy of top notch importer David Bowler. Corbieres is one of those practically unknown AOC's from the Languedoc in southern France. But instead of being dominated by Grenache or Syrah, the wines of Corbieres are defined by Carignan, a grape with it's own unmistakable characteristics. The quality that stands out most to me with a typical Corbieres is a spicy element, both in the aromas and the flavors. Yes, the Chateau Helene Corbieres has attractive plummy fruit with a note of coffee, but the spicy element really adds complexity and interest. As we tried to figure out which spice it might be, my wife came up with bay leaf...and I think she's right. Add to that a soft, lush mouth feel with excellent fruit and a very smooth finish and you've got a great $10.99 value. Cheers.

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