Sunday, October 16, 2011

Off the Beaten Path; Spanish Albarino from Mardevinas

I like Albarinos, and it's not the name that rolls off your tongue when somebody asks you what your favorite white grapes are. Not many folks know about them, as evidenced by the fact that your local store no matter how big it is, will have 2 on hand, maybe 3 at the most. Albarino is a grape grown mostly in northwest Spain in the Rias Baixas (ree-ahs buy-shuss) DO. It is thought by some to be a clone of Riesling that was brought to Spain hundreds of years ago. It's name actually means "white from the Rhine". Anyway, this 2009 version from Mardevinas is typical Albarino. It's very aromatic with pineapple, pear and distinct floral elements on the nose. In the mouth, it's loaded with white fruit, a note of honey and excellent acidity and despite the sweet flavors, it finishes dry. These are great food wines that should not be overlooked. Fermented entirely in stainless steel at cool temperatures, this great little wine really lets it's varietal character shine. I've tried the 2010 vintage from Mardevinas and it is just as good as the '09. Imported by Grapes of Spain, this delicious white cost me $12.99. Cheers.

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