Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lenore Columbia Valley Syrah 2006

Here's a new world Syrah from Washington state that certainly gives forth the flavor you want at it's $12.99 price point. Now I'm a big fan of Rhone Valley Syrah, but you can't touch good ones for less than 25 smackers. This version doesn't yield the kind of barnyard, bacon and dark fruit aromatic complexity of it's French cousins, but it is sure to please those who favor purity of fruit and new world size. Made by the Corvidae Wine Company and repped by one of my favorites, Polaner Selections, this everyday quaffer puts forth plenty of blueberry, blackberry and petrol in the nose, along with some alcoholic heat. It's got all the size and stuffing you expect from new world Syrah and it finishes ripe and smooth with a note of pepper. It's not exactly my style, but fans of new world fruit bombs will find a lot to like here. Washington State wines can be quite attractive as they are frequently fruitier than European wines, but at the same time a bit more restrained and balanced than wines from the hotter areas of California. In addition, I know this is an '06 but it was really quite fresh and showed no signs of falling apart. Cheers.

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