Thursday, March 1, 2012

Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna "Costamolino" 2010

   As a fan of indigenous grapes, there's always adventure lurking when it comes to quaffing. According to Wikipedia, Vermentino, here from the island of Sardinia, is the same grape as Pigato, which is usually found in Liguria. I know, it would be nice if one name could be used but Italians are territorial when it comes to their grapes. Either way, this beautiful white gives you all the flavors of the warm, sunny island from which it comes. Aromas of poached pear, honey and spice lead to round, creamy somewhat tropical flavors. This wine has a much more full-bodied texture than you expect, which reminds a lot of Chardonnay. But despite that, it still retains a vibrant acidity that keeps it fresh tasting and lively. It finishes beautifully long with notes of roasted almonds and stood up very well to a Thai-style chicken soup that my wife made. This Vermentino would certainly pair well with many richer styled fish dishes as well. Argiolas is a very solid producer whose wines are a sure bet year in and year out. Imported by one of my favorites, Winebow, this beauty cost me a mere $9.99. Cheers.

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